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Welcome to my "About" page

My name is Jan-Gunnar Kiris and I collect airmail up to 1931 (Swedish airmail up to 1951). I live just south of Gothenburg in Sweden. If you want to get in contact with me  please Click Here. You can also write to me at the following address:

Jan-Gunnar Kiris

Orsnasvagen 3c

43933 Onsala


To the right there is an old drawing from the first balloonflight in Sweden.

It took place in Stockholm the17th of september 1784 in the presence of  Gustav III King of Sweden.  The balloon had one passenger - "A Cat" - The balloon was found 3 weeks later but no sign of the passenger was found.

The first mailbag for Germany being delivered to the pilot Duus.

To the right is a picture of the first official airmailflight from Malmoe Sweden to Warnemunde Germany the 12th of august 1920.

The time in Sweden